The Binghatti Crescent project presents symbolic design cues, where balconies are woven together to form a unified community. This interesting pattern creates an illusion that makes the static of the building as a dynamic design. The building’s unique balcony design provides outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy, while ensuring a sustainable design by providing shade that reduces significantly the amount of energy required to cool the building’s living spaces.

It showcases the contemporary design style characteristic of Binghatti Developers while maintaining traditional elements found in Middle Eastern art and architecture The building’s unique balcony design offers residents an outdoor space to experience without compromising their privacy.

The building’s prime location ensures an excellent investment for its future owners.

Jvc is one of the most modern and popular communities in Dubai. It is a large residential area. The main part of the neighborhood consists of large and small residential complexes.

There are schools, shopping malls, parks, sports clubs and other quality facilities.

The area has a radial street system. At its center is a public park from which the streets diverge in a radial pattern. There are residential areas and infrastructures along the streets.

A variety of apartment types ensures comfortable living spaces for every resident. The distinctive design of each apartment is implemented without compromising practicality. The interiors have been meticulously planned to maximize comfort

Property Amenities

  • Swimming pool for children and adults
  • SPA
  • Area barbecue
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Gymnasium
  • Cycling areas
  • Game room
  • Area jogging
  • Yoga room
  • 24H security

Apartment Equipments

  • Kitchen
  • Cabinets
  • Bathroom

Payment Plan


  • Jan 2023 – 10%
  • Feb 2023 – 10%

During Construction

  • Mar 2023 – 5,7%
  • Apr 2023 –
  • May 2023 –
  • Jun 2023 –
  • Jul 2023
  • Aug 2023
  • Sep 2023


  • Oct 2023 – 40%

Nearby Places

  • 10 mins from the Mall of Emirates
  • 15 mins from the Burj Khalifa
  • 20 mins from Dubai International Airport