NORTH 43 is not simply a place to live, but a place to rejuvenate, socialize and indulge in more! This development is planned, designed and executed keeping everything your heart desires, under one roof. Every detail of the project is carefully added to ensure residents have the best facilities and services! The fascinating thing is the attention to detail shown in each of the apartments here, carefully designed to fit today’s needs! Here you are welcomed with unparalleled comforts and amenities that will change your life and enhance your daily living desires! It is a classic urban residence that embodies the spirit of living large, and in style, experiencing class and modernity. Each of the apartments at North 43 by Naseeb Group is curated with contemporary touches and the finest finishes that resonate with modern aesthetics! The stunning exteriors and jaw-dropping interiors will not only captivate you, but also your guests. There is a touch of sleek, straight lines and Italian interiors that will make you want more luxury! While the structure of the building depicts a geometric shape, perfectly balancing luxury in every detail. This project is a unique work of art for the modern generation, with high-end decoration and sophisticated finishes.

Property Amenities

  • Gymnasium,
  • Swimming pools
  • Children’s area
  • Parks and leisure areas
  • Restaurant
  • Stores
  • Swimming pool for adults and children
  • Event space

Apartment Equipments


Payment Plan

There are two payment plans


  • 10% reservation
  • 10% after 1 month
  • 10% after 2 months
  • 10% after 5 months
  • 10% after 6 months
  • 10% after 7 months
  • 40% handover


  • 10% booking
  • 10% after 1 month
  • 10% after 5 months
  • 10% after 6 months
  • 10% after 7 months
  • 10% handover
  • 30% post handover plan

Nearby Places

  • 10 mins from Dubai Marina
  • 10 mins from Dubai Mall
  • 10-15 mins from Autodrome
  • 10-15 mins from DownTown
  • 25 mins from Aeroport DxB