Marriott's Ownership


Manage my Timeshare

We take care of Marriott’s owner. Not only help them to rent out or to sell, we manage the account on owner’s behalf. Timeshare is a fantastic travel solution but sometimes is hard: You do not have time to manage it, you are not fluent in English, it is hard for you to respect the deadline, chose the right option, book on time, dealing with Marriott and Interval International’s customer services. We have the knowledge about the system, how everything works, and we can help owners the best way.

We specialize in renting the owner weeks, resales, offering them new weeks to purchase, changing the season, the resort, unit’s size, modifying the owner name in the event of death or other family situation and all the administrative aspects related to the changes.

Our expertise comes very in handy if you are looking for a vacation account manager.


How to buy Timeshare

You will buy from private owners the right to use at Marriott resort of your choice for one week or more per year. We will take care of every step needed to bring the Marriott ownership in your name, we will communicate with Marriott Owner modification service. We will assist you till the moment you will receive the certificate as a proof of ownership once the purchase transaction is completed and open for you the relevant account in MVCI, Bonvoy, Interval International.

And more importantly we will help you to manage it and you will save a lot of money.


How to Sell Timeshare

We will give you a realistic idea of the price you can get on the resale market. Marriott does not buy back your week anyway; they will suggest surrendering the week. We suggest trying to get the best of it.

We will advertise the week to finding the buyer and we will take care of transfer the week.

When we receive a purchase offer for your timeshare, we will confirm to you in writing the exact nett amount which you will receive upon completion of the transfer. You then choose if you want to accept the offer.

For your security, the funds for the transfer will always be held in a protect account, till the time we receive the Owner Certificate from Marriott Vacation Club.

In case of a sale company is intitle to receive 5% + TVA 5% as commission. This amount will be deducted from the sale price.

Rent out

How to rent out Timeshare

We are speaking Arabic, English, French and Italian. We assist you 7/7. We are leaders in France, Italy, and GCC countries. Attractive prices, low fees, transparent way of doing business, search engine advertising, customer care from the time of booking until check in, proposals for excursions, taxis, car rental and other concierge services, making sure that the customer does not feel abandoned to himself and turns to us to rent the weeks. We advertise and bring renters to the owner. We always suggest our customer to rent out to cover maintenance fees while waiting to sell.

Because of Covid 19, being able to travel is not guaranteed. We will manage the booking in that sense, so you are not going to lose the week.


Exchange weeks

Owning a Marriott timeshare opens a world of over 3000 resorts worldwide with Interval International. We will be dealing with Interval International’s customer service to open research for you, to suggest how to make the best exchange, deal with them in case of cancellation, to contact the resort for you if needed, to renew the membership or extend a week.

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