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To help you prepare for your stay, VacationServices4You has put together a selection of the best museums and monuments, the most beautiful parks and gardens, and many ideas for visits in the most beautiful capital in the world.


What to do in the 2nd arrondissement? :


Place des Victoires : Built in 1686, Place des Victoires is probably the least known of the 5 Royal squares of Paris, probably because it is less imposing or majestic than its illustrious sisters Place Vendôme or Place de la Concorde. Nevertheless, you will discover superb buildings typical of the 17th century architecture (called Louis XIV style) as well as a general circular design which was a real architectural innovation at the time of its construction.

In the centre is a statue of King Louis XIV, for whom the place was dedicated in honour of his military victories. This statue was destroyed during the French Revolution (it was melted down to produce cannons!) and then rebuilt in 1822.


The Montorgueil district : Immerse yourself in the rich and ancient history of Les Halles, a market that has fed Parisians for 8 centuries. Indissociable from the “Belly of Paris”, Montorgueil has developed according to the successive transformations of the market, making this district both popular and modern, where bourgeois merchants have always rubbed shoulders with workers and labourers. An atmosphere that can still be found today, although the move of Les Halles to Rungis (1969) has profoundly changed this historic population.

A walk that will transport you into the history of this district, one of the oldest in Paris. You will also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a shopping village, most of which is reserved for pedestrians.


The covered passages : The forerunner of today’s shopping centres, the unique charm of the Parisian covered passages will immediately transport you to the 19th century.

(A covered passage is a private way open to the public, a covered shortcut between several ways. As a pedestrian space, the passageway can house both commerce and housing. Only the abundant decoration and the luxury of the shops differentiate a gallery from a passage).


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